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We purchase unwanted items that may be in your stock or in your stores, such items are used by us to produce products or even raw material, which may be required for your manufacturing process or on completion. We supply 12000 pallets a month to various factories and warehouses in South Africa and neighbouring countries. We also supply chipboard, masonite, superwood, plyboard, foilboard, cardboard boxes and timber components to manufacturing companies. For the past 25 years of business we have built an excellent working relationship with our customers.

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Board Salvaging

We buy masonite, plyboard, chipboard, supawood and timber or any other type of boards.

Boards can be any size but thickness must be between 3mm to 30mm. Boards can be reject, shop soiled, overruns and sub-standard.

Should there be a need for pallet and board removal, kindly allow us to show you how beneficial our expertise can be to you or your company/organization.

We are currently contracted to mills, factories, shops and schools. Our company will take care of all aspects, removal of pallets or boards from offices, yards, warehouses and factories. We are also traders of chipboard, superwood, plyboard, masonite and timber components.

Any other size can be manufactured according to your specifications.

Should generally bearer pallets (2-way) are for use by forklifts only where as block pallets (4-way) can be used by forklifts and trolley jacks.

See our retail department at https://nkosi-timber-boards.shopstar.co.za/