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At present our company sources timber from sawmills around the country. Timber is sold to our factory and sold directly to the industry

manufactures and the public. Our gain is a small percentage which we get from the sawmills, therefore we are able to sell timber from as low as R1000 per m³

or R2-24 a piece. We sell A grade, B grade and C grade timber. You will be able to purchase a piece of timber or a 8 ton/ 15m3, 14 ton/ 22m3 super link (about 50m³) load from us. Presently we are supplying to the DIY enthusiasts, home based

individuals, cabinets, bedding and furniture manufactures, pet shops and brick/block manufactures. We transform timber and board to components which are used in the manufacturing of furniture, beds, dunnage for concrete products and packaging for electrical appliances.

Our most common sizes of timber are as follows:

22 x 102 38 x 76; 22 x 76 50 x 76; 25 x 114 38 x 114;
25 x 76 38 x 38; 25 x 152 76 x 76; 50x114; 50x152; 50x228; 38x152; 38x228.

Timber lengths as follows :

1.2m 1.5m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 3m 3.6m 4.2m 4.8m 5.4m 5.7m 6m 6.3m 6.6m.


We can cut any other size which you may require at the sawmill.